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7 Ways To Promote Your Business: 2023

“New Year, New me” resolutions are everywhere. However, New Year’s Eve and January are much more than that.

Most firms go all out from Halloween to Christmas, but New Year marketing is sometimes overlooked.

Few industries promote the New Year, while most focus on sales and greetings.

We’re here to tell you that everyone can do New Year marketing. Every brand may profit from Christmas marketing, regardless of sector or niche.

Do you hate having to organize another Christmas marketing campaign? After three months of marathon campaigning, one more may seem excessive. With Digiorbyte’s New Year Marketing Guide, you won’t.

We provide the information so you can run a smooth campaign and take advantage of ample opportunity.

Here’s to a new start and creating your brand’s most fantastic New Year marketing campaign. 

All you need to know about New Year Marketing

When someone mentions the New Year, what do you think? You reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year every December. Then, you probably decide to set some goals for the coming year. In reality, Google Trends data shows a noticeable increase in the use of the term “resolutions” towards the end of December and the beginning of January.

Are consumers buying what you’re selling in the New Year? (Why is New Year Marketing essential?)

As a brand or marketer, you need to know that this is a universal feeling, as seen by the rise of related search terms worldwide. Also, research shows that 56 percent of resolution-makers put money into tools that will help them follow through.

Among 56%, 40% will spend $100-$500, 14% will spend $500-$1000, and 12.5% will spend $1,000-$5,000.

As a result, the phenomenon of New Year’s resolutions is more than just amusing. This is a business opportunity that can’t be ignored. To be more specific, this is true for companies in the Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, and Financial sectors.

Goals of a New Year Marketing campaign (When should I start my New Year marketing efforts)

You can’t just launch your New Year’s Marketing and expect sales to roll in like clockwork. If you focus all of your content on making a profit, you will lose out on the attention and goodwill that comes with building a reputation for quality.

Customers are less rushed, at ease, and ready to enjoy the material after the holidays. While the perfect marketing plan can increase sales, that is not all it can do. All of these options are open to you for your New Year’s campaigns

  • Improve your social media engagement. Yes, many likely spent the last few days of December socializing with loved ones. And most likely making good use of the goods purchased during the season’s sales or received as gifts. 
  • Keep an eye out. If you repost and interact with user-generated material, you may exponentially increase your exposure.
  • Improve your company’s image in the New Year’s early weeks. As a company, you can do more than sell to your target market; you can become a trusted partner. 
  • Increase market brand recognition. In early January, most marketing departments are just returning from vacation, while others have stopped working out of respect for their personnel. However, you may still push your content during this time with the help of automation. And because there are fewer distractions in the market, your message has a higher chance of being noticed.

7 Ways to Promote your Business 

Several blogs and other pieces of information have been published on seasonal marketing. New Year’s marketing, however, has a special something. People are in a good mood, and businesses want to support their customers in celebrating important events. It’s a great but sometimes overlooked celebration because of the prominence of Christmas.

We think your marketing efforts for the new year will set the tone for the whole year. It also serves as a bridge to your 2023 product releases, campaigns, and advertising strategies. That’s the glue that holds the partnership together.

Digiorbyte acknowledges this value by providing the following 7 suggestions for marketing your business in the New Year.

Let’s dive right in.

Year roundup 

Everybody is becoming nostalgic about the end of 2022. And this feeling of nostalgia is even stronger when you think about what kind of year we’ve had. 

Reviewing the past year is made simpler with year-end material. Depending on your niche, you may make it broader or more specific. To help promote the New Year in 2023, here are a few ideas for Year-End summaries:

  • Promoting your company using a “Year in Review” campaign. It might recap your most notable achievements and how well you have done overall. You may either stick with the basic approach and hope for the best, or you can go the extra mile and personalize your message to each consumer. 
  • Launch a “How consumers felt about us in 2022?” campaign with your top testimonials to showcase your prowess to your email subscribers and social media followers. New Year’s marketing is a perfect opportunity to use social proof to increase brand loyalty.
  • Highlighting your best user-generated content in 2022 will make your consumers feel like they’re part of something special. As a result, more of your target audience will be exposed to your brand’s content through the sharing efforts of your consumers.

Launch New Year SWAG (Stuff-We-All-Get)

Every person loves receiving holiday SWAG. You don’t know that it’s also the preferred advertising method for every company and their respective brands. Incredibly, ratings and market presence for brands that distribute Christmas SWAG increase dramatically.

The “new year, new me” mentality is not limited to people but applies to products. Planners, calendars, notebooks, diaries, and so on are all things that sell well year after year. You may successfully dominate the New Year’s merchandise market by introducing a branded range in time for the holiday.

This branded merchandise can be given away to regular customers as a thank-you or sold separately. Both strategies will be effective in bringing in buyers who are on the lookout for one-of-a-kind items in the new year.

New Year Greetings 

The value of sending out branded greetings is often overlooked. Your target audience will appreciate your communications and marketing efforts if you engage with them in ways beyond simply making a sale.

Make it a habit to send branded New Year’s wishes to consumers, just as you would to a colleague or peer. These hellos may spark an engaging conversation and provide a sneak peek at your products in the form of a footnote.

Yes, you may send out conventional “Happy New Year” cards, but why not make them more of a reflection of your business by adding some personal touches?

The impact of your New Year’s greetings will be significantly enhanced if you include branded photos, creative graphics, brand colors, or even animations. As a result, the consumer will look forward to your following communication, which may result in a purchase.

Sales and Discounts 

Brands may assume that the annual sales momentum will last even after Christmas. Make sure your marketing strategies for the New Year are well planned out.

After the holidays, consumers are more likely to spend money on self-improvement, needs, and items that help them achieve their New Year’s goals. Keep in mind that there will also be a need for party decorations. Offering price reductions and limited-time sales events can boost earnings noticeably.

In addition, you may use retargeting strategies on social media, Google, and pay-per-click channels to bring back clients who started but did not finish their purchases during the holiday season. If you can reach out to them with sales, that would also help.

For the most effective and efficient promotion of these sales notifications, email marketing is the preferred medium.

Social Media Engagement 

The week between Christmas and the first week of January is often relatively quiet. However, such a lack of conversation is not favorable to productive business. A small firm can quickly lose ground in today’s competitive marketing environment if it disappears from view for nearly two weeks. Maintaining social media involvement should be a priority for your 2023 New Year’s marketing activities.

Ideas that are consistently effective this time of year include:

  • Update your profiles on social media (display picture, cover photo, and description) to reflect the holiday theme.
  • Create material on New Year themes, including health and fitness, lifestyle, self-improvement, investing, motivating quotations, and more.
  • Celebrate the New Year with your fans by holding a live event on Instagram. It’s okay to take a break from the workplace party to discuss with the team sitting next to you if you want to get their feedback.
  • Make funny memes about things you will do differently in the new year. If you can incorporate your brand and products, that’s even better.

Update your Website 

Your website is your online persona, as we have discussed. Typically, a customer will search for you online before doing business with you. Therefore, your website must include your New Year’s specific market segments.

We understand how challenging it is to consistently update your website, especially during the height of the Christmas promotion. Therefore, we advise you to consider the following options:

  • Adding a holiday-themed exit popup.
  • Campaign pages.
  • Make landing pages for your ongoing advertising initiatives focusing on the New Year.
  • The homepage banner and featured graphics will be updated to reflect the 2023 New Year’s marketing strategy.

You should only utilize high-quality photos and other visual aids that accurately represent your brand’s aesthetic. Your brand’s consistency may be ensured by having the design team follow the brand’s style rules whenever you generate new materials.


We have examined all possible digital marketing strategies for the 2023 New Year’s marketing campaign. There may still be other choices, though. The importance of OOH (Out Of Home Marketing) has not decreased with the rise of digital marketing.

Bench ads, billboards, car wraps, posters, flyers, and display advertisements play significant roles in the advertising industry. Moreover, strategically placed, they may bring in many customers and money.

Post-Christmas is a busy time for retail businesses as people stock up for the New Year, and many streets come to life as people gather at restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. Because of this, you should broaden your horizons outside digital media.

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